SpecFicNZ Committee Positions

As alluded to in earlier posts, SpecFicNZ will be accepting nominations for its 2011-2012 governing committee during the entire month of June 2011.

Requirements to be nominated and elected can be found HERE.

Positions on the Committee are as follows:


  • plans and chairs the Committee and Annual General Meetings
  • develops and guides the direction of the society towards meeting its stated objectives
  • develops and facilitates connections with other related organizations
  • promotes the org publicly
  • helps keep the membership up-to-date concerning SpecFicNZ business
  • helps with the website


  • keeps the SpecFicNZ accounts and oversees banking
  • processes membership payments
  • issues membership payment and renewal reminders
  • collects expenditure receipts and signs checks (along with one other approved signatory)
  • handles SpecFicNZ IRD and tax business
  • compiles and files the annual financial report to be submitted at the AGM and to the Societies and Trusts website.


  • takes committee and AGM meeting transcripts and minutes for approval by the committee
  • keeps the membership log.
  • keeps all important documentation as the society’s registered office.
  • is keeper of the SpecFicNZ official letterhead and Common Seal.
  • produces and sends out the monthly e-newsletter at the beginning of each month
  • produces any needed written correspondence on behalf of SpecFicNZ
  • organizes and oversees the e-mail and/or paper ballot for the annual committee election


  • develops and up-keeps the SpecFicNZ website
  • oversees the renewal of the website domain and server registration
  • navigates and solves internet problems and oversees internet security
  • processes online membership applications and sends payment info to the Treasurer
  • communicates with members concerning any website and internet issues or requests
  • utilizes the website as a tool to continue to improve meeting the objects of the SpecFicNZ


  • seeks out and provides publicity opportunities for SpecFicNZ (contests, etc)
  • plans for advertising and production and distribution of promotional materials
  • helps the webmaster with search engine optimization, linkage and internet promotion
  • produces and distributes a Press Pack for SpecFicNZ
  • works with the secretary to produce the monthly e-newsletter
  • helps plan periodical promotional SpecFicNZ events


  • develops and enacts plans to promote new and existing membership
  • acts as a liaison between the membership and the committee (means of communication such as membership polls, etc).
  • develops and oversees ways to connect members to one another
  • answers membership e-mail and questions
  • oversees the local area meet-ups and the area representatives

For official, constitutional purposes, the first three positions listed above are Society Offices (which we are required to fill). The remaining three positions are “ordinary positions” and thus not required as described, but still certainly crucial to the future success of SpecFicNZ. All positions, whether ordinary or official, have the same voting rights on the committee (except for the President who has an additional tie-breaking vote when required).

By our constitution we are required to have a committee of five or more members.


In addition to the committee position listed above, we would like to designate Local Area Member Representatives for

  • Christchurch
  • Wellington
  • Auckland
  • Any Outlying Areas with enough interest and members

Area reps organize and run local face-to-face meet-ups (and are the contact for them). Help with any local area SpecFicnZ events. Work with the Publicist to promote SpecFicNZ at local events in their area, and communicate local membership needs to the Membership Liaison.

Area reps are not considered members of the committee. They do not need to attend committee meetings. Area reps can work as a pair, team, or group.

If you are already coordinating and running SpecFicNZ local face-to-face meet-ups, then you are an AREA REP!  Congratulations, Thank You, and we hope you will continue the good work.

Now that you know what the work entails, stay tuned for information on the nomination process which will take place in June.

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