SpecFicNZ Committee Nominations

As you know, SpecFicNZ is run by a committee annually nominated and elected by its membership.

Nominations for the 2011-2012 committee are coming up during the month of JUNE 2011.

Who can nominate?

Any current, paid-up members of SpecFicNZ can nominate any SpecFicNZ member, including themselves, for a committee position or office.

Who can be nominated?

Any current, paid-up member of SpecFicNZ who meets the requirements found HERE and intends to continue as a member during the 2011-21012 subscription year (AGM to AGM) can be nominated. Please note that all nominees will be given the option to accept or decline any nomination SpecFicNZ receives.

What positions and offices are open to nomination?

Positions and offices open to nomination for the 2011-2012 election year can be found HERE.

How should nominations be submitted?

Nominations should be sent during the month of June 2011 to specficnz(at)gmail(dot)com with a subject line including the word Nomination, the Position, and the Nominee’s last name.

An example of a good subject line would be Nomination for President: Smith

Before nominating anyone, you should ascertain that they are 1) a member of SpecFicNZ 2) meet all the additional requirements.

In the body of the e-mail you should include:
1.    Position or Office
2.    Full Name of Nominee (the person being nominated)
3.    Contact e-mail of Nominee (if known)
4.    Full Name of Nominator (the person doing the nominating)
5.    Contact e-mail for Nominator
6.    A brief paragraph about why you are nominating this person for this position: Their qualifications, experience, passion, skills, etc.

Nomination Process Timeline:

June 2011– Submitted nominations for all positions and offices will be accepted.

Early July 2011 – Nominees will be informed and asked to accept or decline nominations.

Late July 2011 – Final ballot nominees will be posted on the website and announced in the SpecFicNZ newsletter.

August 2011 – Committee elections will be held via e-mail ballot.

Saturday, August 20, 2011– Newly elected committee announced at the SpecFicNZ online Annual General Meeting.

Additional Guidelines:

1. No nomination will be finalized without the nominee’s approval.

2. Multiple nominations do not determine placement on the final ballot. All nominees will be placed on the final ballot regardless of the number of nominations they receive. It is final votes, not initial nominations, that determine election outcomes.

3. You may nominate more than one person per position or office, but PLEASE DO NOT make the same nomination multiple times.

4. No member can hold more than one office and/or position. Therefore, any member receiving nominations for multiple offices and/or positions will be required to choose only one nominated position/office to be placed on the ballot for the final vote.

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