Participate in UnCONventional

UnCONventional, the 2012 NZ national SF&F Convention, is currently seeking participants, especially fans and writers, to help fill out their 2012 list of programme items as well as a matching draft timetable.

It is a valuable part of any good writers career to participate in conventions by doing readings, putting on workshops and sitting on panels. Best of all you get to do it in the wonderful company of other writers.

SpecFicNZ is currently working in cooperation with the UnCONventional Con committee to develop a writing workshop and events programme track much like was offered at Au Contraire. We would love to see SpecFicNZ members and authors step up to the plate in offering their experience, skills, and talents.

If you have an idea for a workshop or panel or something else you’d like to run, please let the ConCom know.  If you have an idea but don’t want to do it alone, please e-mail SpecFicNZ at [email protected] and we can probably match you up with other SpecFicNZ writers who would be interested in joining you.

The Com Con can also match you up with fellow participants if you contact them here: [email protected] or by using their volunteer form.

Let’s make this year’s convention great for fans and writers alike!

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