by Mary Brock Jones

Book Cover: Exiled
Part of the Arcadia series:

Sentenced to exile by his home world, he’s hungry for revenge. Only he isn’t innocent and Alliance space is no safe haven.

When off-worlders promise Seolta den Coille revenge against those who helped falsely imprison him, he grabs hold with both fists. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t end well and he’s banished into exile. All that does is give his hunt for vengeance a few more targets. Top of the list, the two off-worlders who lured him into betraying his home world.

Anyara a Prithand2 wants only two things in life: to be left in peace to manage the biota systems of her space station, and to avoid giving her uncle an excuse to kill her. When a newcomer to her home world offers to help her escape, she accepts. Now she just has to survive the adventure - and the unexpected desire flaring to life between them.

Chased across Alliance space by their enemies, Seolta and Anyara’s only chance lies with the Alliance Council, the overall governing body of settled space. An organisation as riven with political strife as the enemies they are fleeing.

Can the cleverest of the den Coilles and the habitat worlds’ best biome scientist stay alive long enough to expose those threatening their worlds?

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