Call for Submissions

Now Open for Submissions Until May 31, 2012

The Ghost IS the Machine

An Anthology of Steampunk Ghost Stories

Have you ever thought your computer, car, cellphone, etc. was haunted? Well, this book is for you. Post Mortem Press is looking for original short fiction about haunted machines. Naturally, the Steampunk concept comes to mind. However, your story doesn’t have to take place in the Victorian Era, a great story about a haunted machine transcends the calendar.

Stories should range between 2,000 and 7,000 words. Sex, language, and violence are fine. . .as long as it’s relevant.  Stories that revel in child abuse will be summarily deleted. We do enjoy stories that apply multiple genres. If you have a sci-fi horror story that fits this theme–or mystery-horror, or fantasy-horror–send it along.  

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