Blogging Week Matrix of Doom

Come one, come all to Blogging Week 2012! (September 17 – 23)

Words! Fun! Prizes!

This year, SpecFicNZ would like to lend a hand getting people together to make Blogging Week truly rock. Do you have a blog, but don’t know what to blog about? Are you a writer, and would like to jump on this crazy bandwagon, but wouldn’t know where to start?

 Fear not, for we have the solution. 

SpecFicNZ invites you to offer yourself up, in whatever capacity you like, and we will do our best to hook you up with the right people to get your juices flowing. We are looking for bloggers who would like to run interviews with writers who would like to be interviewed, and writers who would like to publish guest posts on other writers or bloggers blogs who would like to have them.

All you have to do is drop us an email at specficnz(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line “Blogging Week”, and indicate which of the above you would like to do: Interviewer, Interviewee, Blog Host, or Guest Blogger. Feel free to name as many as you like, and we will endeavour to meet your needs. Also, please give an indication on whether you would like to be involved just once, or if you are open to multiple posts or interviews. And don’t forget, there are prizes to be won!

Send us your details, and we will enter you into the Blogging Week Matrix of Doom. We will then match up members as best we can in the week leading up to Blogging Week, so that you will have time to touch base and co-ordinate your efforts.

Did we mention prizes?

1st Prize (for best blogger)
“Heir of Night” and “Gathering of the Lost” signed by the author, Helen Lowe

Best reader comment
1 copy of “Seizure” Magazine

Random draw
1 copy of “Seizure” Magazine

What is “Seizure” Magazine? Well, Issue 2 focuses on Sci-Fi:
“In our second issue the Seizure team combat the evil tropes of this classic genre. Some people love to hate it and some love it a little too much. Come fly into outer space and meet your inner Martian.”

 Let the fun begin.

 (The fine printy stuff: In order for SpecFicNZ to help co-ordinate this great event, we will need to share email addresses between members so that they can establish a line of communication to go on to marvellous writerly things. By taking part, you grant SpecFicNZ permission to share your contact details with other members of SpecFicNZ for the purposes of establishing said lines of communication for this event, only.)

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