Scared Twitless! Winners Announced!

It’s all over, and the winners are in!

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted in our first ever Twitter fiction contest. It has been a howling success, and we’re already looking forward to doing it again next year.

Drum roll please.

In third place, we have this delicious offering from Alan Lindsay:

I plunge the blunt knife into my ex-husband’s heart. It’s not easy. I’ve overcooked it. Should have eaten it raw, like Mum suggested.

Coming in at second place after a hard-fought battle, this little nibble from Grant Stone:

“We’re free,” She said. A full tank of gas. The zombie-choked city in our rear view mirror. “Yes,” I said, rubbing the fresh bite on my arm.

And the winner, by a bloody great landslide, slathered on us by Paul Mannering:

Blood changes colour when it dries. I have to keep painting the walls. Otherwise, it just looks wrong.

Our lucky and very talented winners will now be fighting to the death over these awesome prizes:

Mansfield with Monsters / Tankbread / Bloodstones


You can help support our members by picking up copies of these great books all for your very own:


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