Calling all horror writers

An invite for Kiwi horror writers to be interviewed by Sarah Dunn:

“I’m Sarah Dunn and I run the Baby Seal Book Club  for Every month or so, I run a two-part series on a particular genre for the blog. The first post examines that genre and looks at some of my favourite books from it, and then in the second, I interview a Kiwi author and we have a good time discussing that genre to see how it works.

In the past I’ve featured topics like fanfiction, graphic novels  and poetry, but next month I’m keen to explore horror fiction. I’m in need of an experienced, published horror writer who is a Kiwi or living in New Zealand to talk about their reading, writing and thoughts on the horror genre for the blog. You don’t have to be Stephen King, but I’m looking for somebody who’ll be able to talk entertainingly and provide my readers with interesting thoughts and juicy insights about contemporary horror.

If this sounds like you, please link or email an example of your work to: sarahfdunn at All entries must be in before January 3, 2013.”

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