Wellington Winds Up The Words

Wednesday night in Wellington Central Library saw the last of our three Words on the Wind reading events, and it was a fantastic evening indeed.

Extra chairs were put out to make room for the almost 50 attendees who turned up to listen to some of our best writers read their work, from both old favourites and up-and-coming projects.

Dan Rabarts kicked the night off with a quick welcome and introduction and a few bad jokes which went down much better than could be hoped, and then turned the floor over to all-round lovely chap Tim Jones to regale the audience with the opening of a quantum novella and a couple of SF poems.

Next up was Michael Parry, who read the opening chapter of his Fantasy/Mystery mashup novel, The Spiral Tattoo.

YA Fantasy author Sally McLennan followed on, giving us a sneak preview into her forthcoming novel which is currently in the works.

Then local horror legend Paul Mannering took the floor, enthralling the audience with two of his short stories.

Anna Caro went next, reading from a novella she is working on, as well as a brand new short story.

To round the evening off, Matt Cowens took up the microphone and delivered a new Mansfield-Cthulu hybrid story, which brought as many giggles as shivers and left the audience wanting more.

Afterwards, much mingling and chatting and meeting of new people was to be had in all corners, and we later retired across the road to drink beer (which went down even better than Dan’s bad jokes) and chat about all things spec-fictiony and otherwise. It was very much decided that we would have to do it all again, and soon.

To find out more about the readers and their work, please visit the Facebook Event page, where links can be found.

A huge thank you going out to all the readers, to the audience, to everyone who helped spread the word, to Wellington City Libraries for doing such a marvellous job hosting us, and of course to NZ Book Month for making it all possible.

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