Meet SpecFicNZ – Christchurch!

Ever wanted to know more about your fellow members of SpecFicNZ? Ever wondered who they are, why they write and what they write? Now’s your chance to find out!

Helen Lowe, award winning author, SpecFicNZ member, and truly generous supporter and promoter of all things spec-fic and NZ, recently invited the Christchurch area members to introduce themselves to the readers of her blog. And who could resist, when her blog receives a whopping 1000-1200 distinct visitors per week? Visitors on average come from:

NZ: 40%

US: 30%

UK: 15%

Aus: 10%

Other: 5%

Her series of ‘Here’s SpecFicNZ-Christchurch: Featuring…’ will run weekly, starting today with Elizabeth Gatens.

Pop on over to Helen’s blog ‘Helen Lowe…on anything, really’ and say ‘hi’.

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