Fundraiser Round-up

This month, we have two exciting projects from SpecFicNZ Members.

Auckland-based author/illustrator V. L. Dreyer says her novel The Survivors is  “a new story, a story of survival, love and heartbreak set against the backdrop of a world gone wild.  Ten years after a killer virus devastated the world, a small handful of survivors must band together to rebuild what is left of human society.  But can they overcome the trauma of their past, and forgive the horrible things that humanity is capable of in the name of the greater good?

The Survivors is a four-part post-apocalyptic survival story with a twist.  The living dead do roam, but this is not the normal zombie horror full of running, screaming and horrible death.  It is a story of hope, and a tribute to the endurance of the human spirit.  The tale begins in The Survivors Book I: Summer, when a lone young woman meets a few lost souls wandering in the overgrown ruins of New Zealand, and begins her long climb towards regaining the simple things that make life worthwhile.”

Learn more about The Survivors project, including how you can contribute, here.

From Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine comes an exciting new double-project, The Ministry Initiative. The first part is an anthology of thrilling steampunk stories set in the world of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences called Ministry Protocol. The second is a brand-new steampunk role-playing game powered by Fate Core, called The Ministry Initiative.

Ministry Protocol: Thrilling Tales from the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences will bridge “the gap between the Janus Affair and the third novel in the series, Dawn’s Early Light (by Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine, scheduled for an early 2014 release – check out the cool cover!). Ministry Protocol is an anthology of new cases from the Archives, never before podcast or released in digital format. With original Ministry stories from Leanna Renee Hieber, Alex White, Tiffany Trent, Delilah S. Dawson (just to name a few), and including SpecFicNZ member Dan Rabarts, half of the Kickstarter will be dedicated to commissioning of stories, editorial services, cover art, and interior layout, the end result culminating in a digital anthology with a limited print run.”

The Ministry Initiative is “an exciting new role-playing game from Galileo Games, a company with years of experience designing and publishing role-playing games. With game design from the award-winning J.R. Blackwell of Shelter in Place and setting by steampunk author PJ Schnyder, The Ministry Initiative is a Fate Core tabletop RPG, putting you in the field for Queen and Country. Along with a chance to interact with your favorite characters from the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, you will wield the latest technology from R&D, face off with members of the house of Usher and the Phoenix Society, and travel the globe to investigate the fantastic and the unexplainable. Half the funding from this Kickstarter will go to game design, cover and interior artwork, printing for soft cover edition and distribution.”

Learn more about The Ministry Protocol and Initiative, including how you can get involved, here.

SpecFicNZ wishes fantastic success to both projects.

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