Steam Press open for submissions


I hope you’ve all got some polished manuscripts sitting on your hard drives, because award-winning boutique publisher Steam Press has begun a limited-time-only submissions reading period! From the Steam Press website:

Steam Press was established to publish the best of New Zealand’s speculative fiction. We are primarily interested in novels, but we will look at short story collections – these will need to be stunning to be accepted, though (but come to think of it, so do novels). Steam Press does not intend to publish speculative poetry or graphic novels, and we only accepted previously unpublished work (i.e. if you’ve put it up in the Kindle store, we ain’t interested. Full stop. Please don’t try to talk us around. I mean it.).

We are now open to submissions and will remain open for the month of June 2014. Authors are asked to send their manuscripts from an anonymous email address if at all possible and not include any biographical information – Steam Press aims to publish the best science fiction and fantasy without any attention paid to the author’s publication history, gender, race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or taste in music, and it seems that the best way to ensure this is achieved is to ask authors not to bring any of this up. Send us your manuscript only (don’t worry about a cover letter or synopsis), and we’ll get back to you within four weeks. Please send your submission in .rtf format as this makes reading it much easier. Fail these initial requests at your peril. Send your submissions to [email protected]

All manuscripts are assessed solely on the basis of whether we love ’em. It’s subjective as anything, but such is life, and we haven’t figured out any other way to make this decision. Our personal preferences may not match yours so I am sorry if we don’t love something that you think we should (and for reference, our favourite authors include China Miéville, Caitlín Kiernan, Chuck Palahniuk, Neal Stephenson, Cherie Priest, and Anne Michaels – make of that list what you will). Feel free to drop us a line if you have any concerns about our way of doing things, or suggestions about how we can improve.

Steam Press is well known in New Zealand for publishing exciting, original local science fiction and fantasy, so this is a fantastic submissions opportunity for all New Zealand writers.

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