Submission Opportunities: “Our World of Horror” and “The Lost Worlds”

Horror publisher Eldritch Press has two open calls for upcoming anthologies:

“Our World of Horror”

  • Payment: .05 cents a word
  • Story Length: Up to 5,000 words, query for longer.
  • Deadline: Open until Filled.
  • Requested Rights: six months exclusive rights upon publication.

An anthology devoted to the full realm of possible horrors lurking in the modern world. We are keeping the main theme open, except we are looking for stories that take place in the modern day world. Yet we don’t want clichéd themes that have been beaten to death.


We are striving to give the reader a wide variety of the unusual. From mind bending psychological horror to vampires as of yet unseen. Give us your serial killers, your zombies, your monsters from the ancient past, but make them original. Bring us new monsters, human and otherwise.


“The Lost Worlds”

  • Payment: .05 cents a word.
  • Story Length: Up to five thousand words, query for longer.
  • Deadline: November 30th. 2014.
  • Rights Requested: Six months exclusive rights upon publication.

To be published later this year, “The Lost Worlds” will be a anthology in the Steampunk Horror Genre devoted to the post-apocalyptic theme. Send us worlds rebuilt by steam powered engines and mechanical marvels. Send us characters we can root for as they fight the good fight. Send us worlds our readers can romanticize about, characters that jump off the page. We want to set the Steampunk world ablaze with “The Lost Worlds” so we only want your best.


Note: we assume they mean 5¢/word, but you may wish to confirm that prior to submission


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