NZ Book Week and NZ Bookshop Day coming up!

The first New Zealand Book Week (26 October-1 November) and New Zealand Bookshop Day (31 October) are coming up!

There are heaps of (mostly free!) events planned all around the country (see links above) by Kiwi authors and indie bookshops. It’s a great time to pop into your local bookshop, post pics of your favourite NZ books, tell everyone about your favourite Kiwi authors, and generally celebrate the vibrant culture of books and reading we have here in Aotearoa. You can even create an event of your own!

Let us know what you have planned. Remember, if you’re putting on a spec ficcy event and need financial assistance, you can apply for some funding from us. We’re also really keen to help you spread the word. And of course we’ll be publishing the winning entries to our Spooky Bookshops competition. If you want to join the conversation online, you can follow NZ Book Week and NZ Bookshop Day on Facebook, or use hashtags #nzbookweek and #nzbookshopday.

Happy shouting about our awesome Kiwi spec fic!

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