Promotional opportunity for horror/dark fiction writers

SpecFicNZ member Lee Murray is attending StokerCon 2016 in Las Vegas this May. She has offered to put together some promotional postcards featuring SpecFicNZ members’ work to distribute to other guests and attendees at the convention.

All members of SpecFicNZ who write horror or dark fiction are invited to send their work to potentially be featured on the promo card.

Send Lee details about your work by filling in the StokerCon Promo Application at SurveyMonkey. You will need:

  • Title of work
  • A cover image, minimum 300 dpi at A5 dimensions, and the ability to upload this to a Google Drive
  • A working URL link to the book’s landing page, or online vendor. Please triple-check links are accurate.

Deadline: 29 February 2016

The inclusion of works on the promotional postcard is at Lee’s discretion. If details provided are incorrect or insufficient (i.e. cover image is not print-quality), applications will be disregarded. You must be a current member of SpecFicNZ to take part in this promotion.

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