SpecFicNZ needs you!

SpecFicNZ is run by a committee – the Core – annually nominated and elected by our members. The 2016 election will be held at Au Contraire III in Wellington over Queen’s Birthday weekend, with an online meeting room integrated for members who aren’t attending the convention.

This year, several long-running Core members will be stepping down, so we’re looking for people who are able to step up and help SpecFicNZ help New Zealand creators in 2017 (and beyond…?). If your expertise fits any of the role descriptions below – or if you’ve just got some great ideas for SpecFicNZ you’d love to see materialise – then let us know, and we’ll happily add your name to the nominations list!

To nominate yourself or another member for any position, please email [email protected] with the nominee’s name, contact details, and a few sentences on why they would make a great [insert role here].

Major responsibilities: This role would suit someone with strong organisational and communication skills. You’ll chair the monthly online Core meeting and keep tabs on the progress of current SpecFicNZ projects, as well as responding to member queries via email and social media. Most importantly, you’ll keep an eye out for opportunities that will benefit our membership and the organisation as a whole, and ensure SpecFicNZ is providing good value to our members.
Standing in 2016:
Paul Mannering

Major responsibilities: You’ll as support for the President, assisting with tasks and comms when the President is busy or otherwise unavailable. A good training ground if you intend to aim for the top next election!
Standing in 2016:
Piper Mejia

Major responsibilities: You’re a key figure in the Core –you hold the keys to the SpecFicNZ vaults. You’ll have access to the SpecFicNZ bank accounts and work closely with other members of the Core to arrange payments for our activities. Your biggest responsibility is fulfilling SpecFicNZ’s financial obligations as a registered society, so experience in accounting would be useful.
Standing in 2016:
IK Paterson-Harkness (current Treasurer)

Web Admin
Major Responsibilities: You will look after the SpecFicNZ website and help other members of the Core with web tasks. Experience with WordPress and running your own domain a plus.
Standing in 2016:
Jane Percival

Major responsibilities: It’s your job to make sure that SpecFicNZ members and the wider community all know about what the organisation is up to. You’ll use WordPress, Twitter and Facebook to share news and opportunities.
Standing in 2016:
No current nominees

Major responsibilities: You will take minutes of the monthly Core meeting, as well as the AGM, and circulate these around the Core and/or general membership as appropriate. You’ll also respond to admin emails, or forward them to the appropriate Core member, and help update new member payment records through the website.
Standing in 2016:
Jean Gilbert (current incumbent)

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