Interspecies (The Inlari Sagas) Volume 1 – The Paperback

Interspecies (The Inlari Sagas) Volume 1 – The Paperback

Interspecies Cover JPEGInterspecies has had a good run thus far, reaching the top-ten of two Amazon bestseller lists and staying there for a couple of weeks, even becoming the number three hot new release in its category. Our collective smiles touched our earlobes as we watched our baby climb the charts.

And now, after so many requests, the paperback is also available. So, if you prefer a more tactile reading experience, click here . We’ve even lowered the price to $9.99 for a short time.

Or, if you prefer the ebook version and haven’t picked it up yet, it’s only $1.99 right now to celebrate the paperback release.

Fifty years after first contact with the inlari, war ravaged the Earth, leaving New Zealand and Australia the victors and survivors, but at a devastating cost. As human and inlari factions compete against each other in the struggle for power and resources, some seek zealotry and dominance. Others strive for peace and unity—and with them, hope still lives.

Overall, Interspecies exists as a seamless cohesion of stories that explore a broken earth populated by broken people. Yet, in this post-apocalyptic world, hope still exists and there are plenty of adventures to be had, even love if you’re stubborn enough.



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