Lexicon Ghost of Honour announced

Lexicon Ghost of Honour announced

LexiCon is excited to announce our In Memoriam Guest of Honour. A prodigious film star in his day, his contribution to fantasy is unquestioned, as is his much renowned fondness for cheese. Yes, our third Guest (or Ghost) of Honour is none other than the legendary Orville.

“We’re delighted to commemorate Orville’s life and achievements,” says LexiCon co-chair Cassie Hart. “We believe we’re the first Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention to have the pleasure of honouring a rat in this way, and we hope this is just the beginning of a worldwide trend.”

Orville’s rags to riches story began just a few years ago when, after surviving a difficult kittenhood in the foster care system, he was adopted from New Zealand Rat Rescue by a Wellington couple. Quickly adapting to a life of leisure and treats, there was still something missing.

His big break came in 2012. Peter Jackson needed rats for The Hobbit films, and Orville was just the rat for the job. He never looked back. Orville took to the glamorous film-star lifestyle as though born to it, hobnobbing with agents, makeup artists, and actors with grace and poise. He was pleased to receive fan mail from John Rhys-Davies, and condescended to appear in a short film documenting his fabulous career. He died in late 2013, the bright flame of his talent extinguished by old age.

Orville will be represented at LexiCon by Elizabeth Heritage. “I am thrilled that Orville’s pioneering work, which touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, is being recognised with this prestigious honour,” she says. “I only wish he were still alive to see it.”

Orville joins our previously announced Guests of Honour, Seanan McGuire and John Toon.

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