LexiCon: National SFF Con 2017

Suncourt Hotel, Lake Taupo and mountains

Guest of Honour Seanan McGuire

The weekend began early on Friday for some of us as we taught writing workshops for almost 100 students aged 11+. Both students and teachers enjoyed the day and participated with enthusiasm in the tasks and exercises. This was topped off with the book launch for Beyond the Backyard, where many of the winners read out their stories to a packed room.

That night heralded the beginning of LexiCon proper, with an amusing opening ceremony followed by a well-attended screening of local film This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy. Director and star Christian Nicholson was there and stuck around to enjoy the con.

Saturday began with a bang and a large panel discussion on the language of science fiction and fantasy: invented languages, real cultures, and the suitability of Klingon for real life…?

This was followed by the SpecFicNZ AGM and a very interesting session on urban fantasy and sci-fi. A small but dedicated group discussed the merits of Star Trek and Star Wars and their various similarities and differences. A panel on self-editing for writers also drew a full house. Elizabeth Heritage then gave an info-packed practical class on how to get our book information into the hands of the right people at newspapers and magazines all across the country. There were some excellent Star Trek fan films on during the dinner break, and then we had the masquerade with a concert presented by Guest of Honour Seanan McGuire and Daphne Lawless. As per usual, filking then went on deep into the night.

Sunday included sessions on storytelling, by the great Zeebong; sessions about space, and how to get there; sessions on comic book heroes and hard science fiction. A cocktail party kicked off the evening in style, leading us into the presentation of the Sir Julius Vogel Awards and the closing ceremony.

There was more filking. There were room parties. There were innumerable hugs and farewells after a con well spent. Really, you should have been there.

Lake Taupo Feature wall at young writers' workshop


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