SpecFicNZ at ConZealand

It’s happening! Here’s the current update list from Core liaison Courtney Schafer:
1) SpecFicNZ will have two separate 1-hour “group reading” sessions, so that a bunch of members will have a chance to do brief 5-7 minute readings of their work  (sign-up method to be announced – may involve a selection process).
2) We have requested a “Get to know us” SpecFicNZ Meetup slot – this will likely be held in a small programme room one evening after 7pm, new potential members can check us out, while current members can get together to chat.
3) We’ll host a panel on “Resources for SFF Writers in NZ” that covers our organisation plus awards, festivals, contests, conventions, etc.
4) Hands-on critique workshops – first there will be a panel on how a good critique group works, complete with modelling of it, then on later days, writers will have the chance to join small hands-on workshops in which everyone will offer feedback on everyone else’s work, in round robin style.
5) Possibly an evening promotional party – this is aimed at promoting participating members’ work to readers/fans. Details to be announced. If people are interested in this but cannot afford to attend the con, we can also consider holding it off-site, however the Arty Bees event will probably cover that need (see today’s other blog post for details on that).
Let us know your thoughts!
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