ArtyBees Books and SpecFicNZ announce collaborative event

ArtyBees Books and SpecFicNZ announce collaborative event

ArtyBees Books


28 July to 5 August 2020 (approximate; exact dates to be confirmed)


The proposed ArtyBees SFF Bookfest in cooperation with SpecFicNZ is a series of scheduled author meet-and-greets in the ArtyBees shop in Manners Street, Wellington. This is an unofficial Off-Con event in no way associated with ConZealand. All information is subject to change. ArtyBees is a small, cosy venue allowing for conversation and informal sessions.

Schedules may be set up by June and you will be advised the time of your session. If it later transpires that you are needed elsewhere in that time slot, you can get in touch and we’ll move things around.

ArtyBees and SpecFicNZ reserve the right to choose which authors to include, particularly if there are large numbers of applications for the available slots. Priority will be given to SpecFicNZ members but others may be accommodated if the schedule allows.

During the Bookfest, ArtyBees requests consignment of featured authors’ books.

Want to take part? Fill in the form at this link.

NOTE: If you are part of the SpecFicNZ Central group planning a combined series of sessions, you do not need to fill out this form for that; but DO fill it in if you’d like your own session/s independently of the group effort.

We look forward to working with you during this free event in Wellington!

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