Notice of AGM

This year SpecFicNZ will hold our annual general meeting at 8pm on Wednesday 30 September.

You can read our constitution here

At the AGM the officers of the Committee (Core) will present reports.

The meeting will elect members of the Core as per clause 9 of the constitution:


9.1 The elected Committee will be composed of a President , a Secretary, a Treasurer and no less than two (2) ordinary members and no more than six (6) ordinary members.

9.2 To be eligible to be voted on to the Committee candidates must be natural persons, current financial members of SpecFicNZ and consent to such an appointment.
9.3 The ballot for the election of the Committee is to be conducted at the Annual General Meeting in such usual and proper manner as the current Committee may direct.
9.4 The incoming committee takes office at the close of the annual general meeting. The outgoing committee leaves office at the close of the annual general meeting.
Officers of the Committee
9.5 Immediately after each annual general meeting the Committee must elect the officers of the Committee, which are:

a a President
b a Treasurer
c a Secretary.


The meeting will be held via The SpecFicNZ Slack Channel and the join link will be sent to all financial members prior to the meeting.

If you are a financial member and don’t receive the link email: [email protected]

If you are not a financial member and want to renew your membership so you can take part in the opportunity to shape and lead SpecFicNZ you can do that here:


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