by A.J. Ponder

Are you ready for adventure?

Princess Sylvalla is more than ready. She’s faced dragons and proven herself a hero – but her greatest trials are about to begin. Phetero, the king she accidentally kidnapped, is determined to have vengeance – and the threat of marriage to Prince Francis looms. Francis may be sweet, have proven he can draw swords from stones, and be the only prince in all the Seven Kingdoms who will have her, but Sylvalla is not the marrying kind.

Terrifying as it is, the threat of marriage becomes the least of Sylvalla’s problems as King Phetero’s grudge turns from war into something more sinister. The prophecies are dire, but what help can they be against the ancient horror King Phetero plans to unleash?

A celebration of epic fantasy from award winning and USA TODAY Bestselling author, A.J. Ponder's Prophecy is a read alone novel of power, vengeance, betrayal, and loss—and the second book in the much-loved epic saga The Sylvalla Chronicles

Publisher: Phantom Feather Press

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