2021 AGM

Thanks to everyone who joined us last night for the 2021 AGM. For those interested in all the details, the full minutes of the meeting can be found here.

We were sad to farewell Grace Bridges, who has been SpecFicNZ’s president for many years. Unfortunately, due to ongoing health issues she has had to step down from the Core.

We also farewelled longstanding Core member Mat Danaher.

We were pleased to approve a great group of members for the 2021/22 Core, many of whom are continuing members:

Courtney Schafer
Robinne Weiss
Deb Howell
Gary Nelson
Jill Winfield
Kura Carpenter
Alla Zaykova
Jacqui Greaves
Kirsten McKenzie
Sarah Richardson
Robin Nelson

The Core will meet next week to sort out who will take on each of the specific roles within the committee. Huge thanks to everyone who has volunteered for the Core–the organisation cannot function without you. Kia ora!

Again, thanks to the members who attended the meeting and contributed ideas for upcoming initiatives. We’re all excited about the year ahead and we look forward to seeing you at events and on our social media channels.

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