Beyond the City Limits

Fantasy and Science Fiction Anthology

by Kura Carpenter, Justin Elliot, Lara M. Hewn, Deb E. Howell, L. Wilma McKay, Rachel Stedman, Daniel Stride

Can you fall in love with a ghost? What happens when you sing for fairies? Go shopping for aliens? Rescue your lover from drowning?

Romance, mystery and murder – there’s something for all in Beyond the City Limits Anthology.

  • A cocky shape-shifter’s luck is about to run out when he messes with an over-protective father in The Guardian.
  • Halloween hi-jinks get out of hand for a group of students in Dickie Birds.
  • A thief’s mission to prove he’s the best sets him on a quest for the ultimate prize in Heart’s Desire.
  • An academic learns nothing good comes from trying to save the world in Pink Unicorns Solvable in 0(2) Time

12 Fantasy and Science-fiction short stories from Dunedin authors, Lara M Hewn, Kura Carpenter, Deb E. Howell, Daniel Stride, Justin Elliott, R. L. Stedman, and L. Wilma McKay.

Publisher: Wicked Unicorns
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