Road Trip Z

by M.P. Norman

When the apocalyptic downfall of the world came, it was a terrifying tsunami of tooth and claw.

Two years on, and the plague of all plagues has given the United States a new majority. Democrats and Republicans are no more and humanity is on the endangered list now the dead walk the earth.

After hearing a radio transmission—promising salvation—five friends and an ex-Marine set out on a road trip across the deserts of Utah to a safe zone in Portland. Battling their way across the zombie-infested American wasteland can be treacherous and devastating to the bonds of friendships, and soon, each realizes how easy it is to screw-up at every gruesome corner.

To survive the apocalypse, they must pull together as a family. If not, they will be just another meal for the ravenous dead.

Publisher: Severed Press
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