The Jade Dragon

by Nix Whittaker

The Jade Dragon Empress has summoned Gideon. Even though Gideon’s brother is an Emperor he has tried to keep out of politics, but when a Dragon empress calls, you have to answer. Afraid of a coup attempt she sets Gideon and Hara to find her enemies.

After Gideon disappears the crew of the Blazing Blunderbuss know things are not as they seem. The crew must rescue Gideon from the fanatics who are desperate to mate with the Dragon empress, they will do anything to force her to fly. Or the rebel dragons who only want to live in peace but can’t under the rule of the Jade dragon. Or the humans who want to rule their own country.

One of them has Gideon.

The crew have to get Gideon back and uncover a plot that could take down a thousand year dynasty.


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