1. Organise and chair monthly meetings and the AGM and any SGMs
  2. Coordinate core committee activities, ensuring tasks are properly delegated and completed
  3. Pursue whole-organisation opportunities such as grants and collaborations
  4. Liaise with SFFANZ on National Conventions
  5. Coordinate regular evaluations of organisational goals, constitution and activities
  6. Approve financial payments as needed
  7. Serve as the primary point of contact for other organisations


  1. Keep meeting minutes and distribute them to participants
  2. Manage membership list
  3. Send out regular member e-mails
  4. Report on memberships at monthly meetings
  5. Keep organisational records in a location all core members can access
  6. Approve financial payments as needed
  7. Monitor incoming email and either respond or route to the appropriate person for a response.


  1. Manage day-to-day financial transactions
  2. Submit financial reports as required by law
  3. Report to the core at monthly meetings


  1. Maintain the behind-the-scenes functionality of the SpecFicNZ website
  2. Address website issues in a timely manner when they arise
  3. Upgrade the website as needed and as needs change
  4. Create new pages as needed with information supplied by other core members
  5. Monitor comments and member submissions to the blog–approve, remove, and amend as needed, and pass on communication received via the website to the appropriate committee members as needed

* Familiarity with WordPress is essential for the webmaster.

Social media

  1. Ensure that information from member emails also goes out on social media platforms (SpecFicNZ’s and others’)
  2. Monitor and share information from other organisations that may be of interest to members
  3. Moderate comments on SpecFicNZ’s social media channels
  4. Pass important communication received via social media to core members as needed

General Core Member

  1. Attend monthly meetings
  2. Work on specific SpecFicNZ initiatives as agreed to at meetings
  3. Follow through on commitments made at monthly meetings

Requirements to be nominated and serve on the SpecFicNZ Core Governing Committee are as follows:

1. You must be a natural person. Corporations, societies, and other organizations cannot hold a committee position.

2.  You must be a current member of SpecFicNZ and continue to be a paid member in the year you intend to serve.

3. You must consent to your nomination and committee appointment.  Someone else can nominate you, but you must agree to that nomination and the subsequent committee position, should you gain it.

4. You must have access to a computer with internet/videoconferencing capabilities, preferably in your home. This is because committee members are often located throughout New Zealand but must still “meet” regularly for discussion, decision making, and voting.

5. You must be committed and able to meet once a month for 60 minutes via an internet meeting (occasionally more often if the committee deems it necessary). This entails carving out uninterrupted, focused, computer time and space in your home for these meetings.

6. You must have the ability and commitment to follow through on positional and occasional extra assigned tasks. In other words, you have to be able and willing to do stuff.

7. You must have the ability to work in a group, listen, think critically, form an educated opinion, and vote on it.

8. You must have a passion for the objects and mission of SpecFicNZ.

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