Pay the Piper

by Mary Brock Jones

Book Cover: Pay the Piper
Part of the Hathe series:

Secrets are revealed; questions must be answered, as two lovers caught in a maelstrom of opposing loyalties face their toughest fight yet.

Hamon Radcliff of Earth has just lost everything he ever valued; his job, his freedom, his home world—and his wife. The woman who betrayed him and cost him the rest.
But when she nearly dies giving birth to their child, he discovers that there is one thing he values above all.
His family

Marthe an Castre of Hathe has betrayed and lost the only man she will ever love. She would give almost anything to have him back – except the freedom of her people and the child she carries. But he wants to take that from her too, he says. There is nothing left for her, she thinks. Can her husband prove her wrong?


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