Here at SpecFicNZ, we do like a nicely turned-out profile. It attracts browser interest, it helps our members stand out, it might even lead to an unsolicited proposal to submit. (In, we hasten to add, a purely platonic sense.)

What’s involved?

We’re glad you asked that. Just head to your SpecFicNZ member’s profile, take a look at it, and think about the ways in which it could be gussied up. Maybe your bio needs to be embiggened. Maybe what you’ve got there at the moment doesn’t truly capture your vivacious, zany, off-the-wall persona. Maybe your Profile Pic is too KeyboardCatlike, too low-res, too lacking in bling. Maybe you don’t even have a Profile Pic, and if so, shame on you, because everybody needs a Profile Pic. Maybe you haven’t included links to your blog, to your website, to the places where people can buy your wonderful fiction. So assess the situation, and Put It To Rights. Anytime from … oh, about Now, until the end of April May.

What do I get?

We’re glad you asked that. A rosy glow, from the satisfaction of a Job Well Done. The approval of your peers (or commoners, as the case may be). And … prizes. The prizes are:

First Prize: Aquasynthesis, ed. Grace Bridges (Splashdown Books); Silverhawk, Beaulah Pragg (CreateSpace); Seizure Magazine (issue 2, SF)

Second Prize: Aquasynthesis, ed. Grace Bridges (Splashdown Books); Seizure Magazine (issue 2, SF)

First Prize: Seizure Magazine (issue 2, SF)

All prizes are actual physical things, lovingly handcrafted from dead vegetative matter and garnished with genuine dried ink.

How is it judged?

We’re glad you asked that. Our Reptilian Overlords will ruthlessly—sorry, that’s another contest entirely. Forget we said that. There’ll be online voting, open to all SpecFicNZ members. (Committee members can vote, but are ineligible for prizes.) The winners will be spared—sorry, wires crossed again—rewarded the appropriate prizes. And then loaded onto the mothership for–

Are there prizes?

We’re sorry you asked that. It shows you haven’t been paying enough attention. Our Reptilian Overlords will not be pleased.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes. No. Maybe. What are you asking us for?

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