Chris Yee


Chris Yee is an avid Science Fiction geek. Whilst the trappings of far off worlds and technological marvels stayed well contained in his head for a long time with work, school and family occupying every ounce of time available, it wasn’t until early 2000 that he picked up a pen (or at the time, his keyboard) and wrote with a number of international friends in a free form role play. Time, as well as people, move on, resulted in a natural shift from present tense in chat, to prose on forums, to great gobbing walls of text that challenged impatience.

A varied work experience, from electronics technician to game developer to teacher, his analytical mind would often come to blows with his creativity. But from time to time, the two can work together. Begrudgingly.

With a few random ideas in his blog section, dubbed ‘The Fictionary’, and some other WIPs as yet to be seen. Currently in the works is a sci-fi tale of a dead man brought back to life in a robot form to find out who killed him, a complex story about the use of time travel as a means of corporate espionage, and a steampunk-themed, police procedural about a detective that works on magic-based cases. He cites that 3 is his limit, or else he’d never get any of them done.

He has broadened his scope of fiction a little. Amid the Star Trek, Star Wars and Warhammer 40k authors, his favourites being Peter David, Timothy Zahn and Dan Abnett respectively, there are snippets of Terry Pratchett, C.S. Lewis and a decent chunk of Tolkien thrown in the mix. Friends have thrown Feist at him too. Along with being involved in a number of writing groups, both local (CWG, SpecFicNZ et al) and global (NanoLand: Unofficial NaNoWriMo Participants Facebook Group), he has been exposed to a plethora of genres that have piqued his interest over the years since 2012.

Currently, as of 2020, Chris has taken a break from teaching to explore a new career path in broadening his development skills in obtaining a Bachelor’s in Computer Science at Victoria University in Wellington, barely kept sane in the student life along with his wife, Ryn Richmond as he seeks to explore the realm of medical prosthetics and orthotics with software-based solutions.

Primary medium

Visual Artist

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