Rob Campbell


Hello, and thanks for looking in.

The photie shows me at the #indyref (Scottish Independence Referendum.)  Not that I’m biased or anything.


I was manufactured on Cumaradh Mòr (or Eilean Chumbruaich, or Isle of Cumbrae, depending on who you ask).

I think of Edinburgh as home, and live in Porirua, New Zealand.


Published stuff so far includes various academic papers, all last century, one computer programming textbook (thankfully out of print, but it made some money if that’s important), ‘Physics Alive!’ (2000, Pearson), and a few things (well, two) for School Journal.


For eight years I was one of the editors for Abyss & Apex, and always seem to get the hard SF. A pity in a way — I like it, but also enjoy soft SF and fantasy.


I’ve just finished one sf novel — working title is The Bard Way, but haven’t sold it yet.  Truth to tell, I haven’t tried very hard, yet. Feel free to go to my blog, ask about it, and keep me working.


Go on, embarrass me!

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