If you are a paid up SpecFicNZ member you are entitled to request a review of your book or short story.

If you fill in the form below with as much information as possible while being brief, we will ask our team of volunteer reviewers if they are able to write an honest review for you.

We can’t guarantee they will be able to; as everyone is a volunteer and it just might not appeal to any of them, however we like to review as many as possible.

Please check your Spam Filters if you haven’t received a reply within a business day or two from [email protected] 

You can direct any questions about your review to [email protected]

Must the same name that you use for your SpecFicNZ membership
If your book is published under a pen name please put that here
Please use no more than 250 words to tell us about your book. A brief synopsis, and a description of the genres it falls into.
This is to help our reviewers to decide whether to accept it for review. The more info you can provide the better.

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