Time to get your SJV nominations in!

It is currently the nomination period for the coveted Sir Julius Vogel Awards and many of our members have work that qualifies for nomination.

We are proud to present a list below of qualifying work by our members. This is in no way meant to be an exhaustive list of SJV worthy work- just the work of our members to have a look at and nominate if you feel it merits it.


Debbie & Matt Cowens, Mansfield with Monsters, Steam Pressed Shorts, and various short stories;

Sharon Hannaford, A Cat’s Chance in Hell – Hellcat Series Book 1 (published Jan 2012),

and All Hell Breaks Loose – Hellcat Series Book 2 (Published Nov 2012)


Debbie & Matt Cowens, Mansfield with Monsters


Philippa Ballantine, Hunter and Fox (Pyr)

Philippa Ballantine, The Janus Affair (Harper Voyager)

Philippa Ballantine, Wrayth (Ace)

K. D. Berry, Growing Disenchantments,

Sharon Hannaford, A Cat’s Chance in Hell – Hellcat Series Book 1 (published Jan 2012)
Also available on other online bookstores.

Shannon Hannaford, All Hell Breaks Loose – Hellcat Series Book 2 (Published Nov 2012)
Also available on other online bookstores.

Alicia Ponder, Wizard’s Guide to Wellington, Coombe House

Gareth Renowden, The Aviator

Chris Strange, Don’t Be a Hero,

Darusha Wehm, The Beauty of Our Weapons, 2012


Simon Petrie, ‘The Hunt for Red Leicester’ (Peggy Bright Books)

Simon Petrie, ‘Flight 404’ (Peggy Bright Books)

Darusha Wehm, “Fire. Escape.” November 2012


Grace Bridges, Never Look Back, published in the Flaming Pen anthology Space Battles

Grace Bridges, linked microfiction (Cool Smooth Metal, Morning, Tsunami, Lullaby,
The Window, Ale O’Clock, Maddie’s Pub, A Matter of Hunger) in Avenir Eclectia Vol. 1
(Splashdown Books)

Anna Caro, Millie, published in the Future Fire anthology Outlaw Bodies

Anna Caro, Blueprints, published in the Crossed Genres anthology Fat Girl in a Strange Land

Anna Caro, Winter Baby, published in Phantasmacore

Amanda Fitzwater, The City of Sand & Knives, The Future Fire Issue 22

Amanda Fitzwater, Cartography, and the Death of Shoes, Fat Girl in a Strange Land Anthology

Lee Murray, Hope is a Thing with Feathers, published by the Roayl Society of NZ

Simon Petrie, ‘The Man Who …’ (short story, Redstone SF)

Simon Petrie, ‘Sky Pie’ (short story, Jupiter Magazine)

Simon Petrie, ‘Cruisy’ (short story, Ticon4)

Alicia Ponder, Dying for the Record, Arc/the Tomorrow Project

Dan Rabarts, Paint by Numbers, published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue
#55, December 2012;

Dan Rabarts, The Bone Plate, published in Bloodstones – An Urban Horror Anthology,
Ticonderoga Publications, November 2012

Darian Smith, Wearing the Star Cloak,

Grant Stone,Wyomingpublished in Comets & Criminals, issue #3

Grant Stone, “Better Phones” published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #56

Darusha Wehm, “The Care and Feeding of Mammalian Bipeds, v. 2.1.” Escape Pod. November

Darusha Wehm, “Modern Love.” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. May 2012

Darusha Wehm, “I Open My Eyes.” Luna Station Quarterly. March 2012


Simon Petrie, ‘A Night to Remember’ (novelette written for the SpecFicNZ blogging week, and
hosted as a serial on various SpecFicNZ members’ websites and blogs)

13 comments on “Time to get your SJV nominations in!
  1. Darusha Wehm says:

    Thanks for posting this list!

    If anyone is interested in links to my work that was listed, you can find them all in this post: http://darusha.ca/blog/my-awards-eligible-publications/

  2. Dan Rabarts says:

    Thanks Darusha – I’ll update that shortly. 🙂

  3. Matt Cowens says:

    Debbie & I are also happy to be nominated for Best New Talent as a couple (various short stories, Steam Pressed Shorts & Mansfield with Monsters) and for Mansfield with Monsters to be nominated for Best Collected Work 🙂

  4. Dan Rabarts says:

    Post updated, and we’ll make sure that those nominations go through from SpecFicNZ!

  5. Matt Cowens says:


  6. Amanda says:

    My eligible works are listed here if anyone is interested:

  7. Lee Murray says:

    Some great writing listed here by our members. I have a short fiction work, which is eligible. Entitled ‘Hope is the Thing With Feathers’ the story was shortlisted in the 2012 Royal Society Manhire Prize for Creative Science Writing, and first published by the Royal Society of New Zealand: http://www.royalsociety.org.nz/programmes/competitions/manhire-prize/2012-information/

  8. Dan Rabarts says:

    Thanks to everyone who has commented with more works for the list. All updates are now posted above. What a fantastic year for published work, people! Rock on!

  9. Dan Rabarts says:

    Also, if you have a work on the list above and it doesn’t have a link but should, please let us know so that we can add it. Cheers!

  10. anna caro says:

    There’s an extra space in the link to my story, ‘Millie’ – could that be fixed please?

  11. Dan Rabarts says:

    Hey Anna – all fixed!

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