2012 Blogging Week Posts

Day 1 – Monday, September 17

Cassie Hart

SpecFicNZ Blogging Week begins!

Richard Barnes

– SpecFicNZ Blogging week 2012 – It’s ON!!!

Anna Caro

NZSFBW Day 1: The Barrier

Simon Petrie

– A Night to Remember: the links

 ‘A Night to Remember’, part one

Beaulah Pragg

– Meet Georgie Hensley

Grace Bridges

– SpecFicNZ Blogging Week: Interviewing Grant Stone


Day 2 – Tuesday, September 18

Cassie Hart / Simon Petrie – A Night to Remember – Part Two

Debbie Howell – An Interview with Richard Barnes

Beaulah Pragg – Meet Lee Murray

Grant Stone – An Interview with Grace Bridges

Anna Caro – Hysterical Writers, Ethereal Wives, or Distinguished Statesmen?

Richard Barnes – SpecFicNZ Blogging week day 2


Day 3 – Wednesday, 19 September

Anna Caro – An Interview with Darusha Wehm

Dan Rabarts / Simon Petrie – A Night to Remember, Part 3

Cassie Hart – Anna Caro – Writer, Editor (pure awesome).

Richard Barnes – SpecFic NZ Blogging week – Episode 3


Day 4 – Thursday, September 20

Beaulah Pragg – Meet Darian Smith

Richard Barnes – Blogging Week Episode 4

Kura Carpenter – SpecficNZ Blogging Week Interview With Grace Bridges

Darusha Wehm / Simon Petrie – ‘A Night to Remember,’ part four

Darian Smith – An Interview with Beaulah Pragg

Debbie Howell – Steampunk Jewellery – the addiction begins!

Anna Caro – Day 4: The Next Big Thing


Day 5 – Friday, September 21

Catherine Ford – An Interview with Matt Cowens

Cassie Hart – Internal Conflict

Beaulah Pragg – Meet Stephannie Beman – Self-published fantasy / romance author

Beaulah Pragg / Simon Petrie – ‘A Night to Remember,’  – Part five

Darian Smith – An Interview with Paul Mannering

Anna Caro – Day 5: ‘Tales for Canterbury’ in Review

Amanda Fitzwater – Specfic New Zealand Blogging Week: The Next Big Thing


Day 6 – Saturday, September 22

Debbie Howell / Simon Petrie – ‘A Night to Remember,’ – Part six

Richard Barnes – Blogging Week Episode 5

Cassie Hart – Maori Mythology

Beaulah Pragg – Meet thirteen-year old Tierney Reardon

Anna Caro – Day 6: Regeneration


Day 7 – Sunday, September 23

Simon Petrie – ‘A Night to Remember,’ – Part 7

Cassie Hart – The perks of writing in New Zealand

Richard Barnes – Blogging Week Episode 6

Richard Barnes – Blogging week – The Final Episode

Catherine Ford – Book Review ‘Seven Wonders’

Beaulah Pragg – Meet Angela Oliver – Co-founder of the Christchurch Writers’ Guild

Anna Caro – Day 7: Nine Years

Grace Bridges – An Interview with Kura Carpenter about Cover Design















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  2. […] read and commented on my blog for this last week. I have had great fun participating in the 2012 SpecFicNZ Blogging week. Congratulations to Cassie and Ella who have both won a signed paperback copy of the Silver Hawk! […]

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