How It All Started

On September 14-20th, 2009, SpecFicNZ’s Anna Caro instituted the first annual New Zealand Spec Fic Blogging Week, seven days for bloggers from around the world to focus on our craft and our country. That first year 24 different authors participated, (including writers from Australia and the US) logging 52 posts in one week. Then in 2010 19 authors particpated, producing 58 posts in one week.

The Results

The first New Zealand Spec Fic Blogging Week did indeed catch the attention of the global community and was featured on The World SF New Blog AND short-listed for a Sir Julius Vogel Award 2010 for Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

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New Zealand Spec Fic Blogging Week 2011

New Zealand Spec Fic Blogging Week 2011 will occur the week of Sept 19-25th and we’d love to see even more bloggers participate this year.

What can you do?

First, you can spread the word about the week in advance. Post a link to this page on your blog or website, encourage your blogging friends to participate, and plan some posts beforehand.

Second, write a blog post any time between Sept.19-25th and send a link to it to specficnz(at)gmail(dot)com.  You don’t have to be a SpecFicNZ member, an expert, or even a professional writer to post. This week is for anyone who blogs.  Make a goal to post every day, or even just once that week.

*Please note that your post may not show up on our links page immediately, as we will be screening them for spam. But we’ll get it up as soon as we can.

Third, check the 2011 page often for new links to new posts by other bloggers participating in New Zealand Spec Fic Blogging Week.  Be sure to read them and don’t be afraid to comment or join in the discussion.

What To Blog?

Don’t know what to write about? Here’s a list of ideas to inspire you.

1. Interview a NZ spec fic writer.

2. Write a review of a favorite NZ spec fic book or short story.

3. Write about how living or growing up in NZ influences your work.

4. Feature a speculative fiction market or publisher located in New Zealand.

5. Write about New Zealand as a favorite shooting location for fantasy movies, and why.

6. Write about New Zealand’s fantastic landscape.

7. Write about spec fic poetry, or even try your hand at a spec fic poem.

8. Write about using New Zealand as a culture and location for spec fic writing.

9. Write about the unique challenges of writing from these two small islands.

10.  Write about what drew you to the spec fic genre. When did you first discover it,  fall in love with it, and decide to write it?

11. Write about your current work in progress.

12. Write about New Zealand spec fic fandom.

13. Write a feature on award-winning New Zealand spec fic authors.

14. Write about the influx of New Zealand spec fic writers emigrating to other countries, and why.

15. Write about your experience networking with other New Zealand spec fic writers.  What is the community of writers like in your area, on your island, in your country?

And please, don’t limit yourself to these topics.

We look forward to reading your post.

Happy Blogging!

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