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    I know there’s been issues with venues for our meetings. I’ve spoken to the guy who runs the Audio Foundation (which off K Rd, beside Myers Park), and I think we could use that space for a donation of some sort. This is just an idea, and I can look into it if people are keen.

    • That could work really well for me, since I’m about to start a contract in the city. What time were you thinking?

      • I hadn’t given the time/day any thought, sorry. Meetups used to be Sundays during the day, but people found weekends difficult. So I guess a weekday early evening. I can look into what evenings the audio foundation is available. From my understanding, they are hoping to find groups who want a regular spot in the schedule – even if it’s a regular once-per-month kind of thing.

        • Cool, keep us informed.

          • Hi Immie, I’ve been helping Mary Jones organise the last couple of meetups because she’s been busy with family matters. Sunday afternoons are probably still better than weekday evenings, as almost nobody has turned up to the weekday events that have been organised this year.
            It would be brilliant if you could find out availability at the Audio Foundation for one Sunday afternoon per month, and how much it would cost.
            You could email me at louise.mcmillan@gmail.com or you’ve probably got Mary’s email address already. I’d be happy to do the organising, but also happy to hand over to you if you’d rather. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

            • Hi Louise. Sorry took me a while to reply – but I just sent you an email. If you could do the organising, that would be super. I did talk to Jeff (Audio Foundation) about it a while ago. He said ‘a small donation of about $20’… for the venue hire, basically. And there are spots free each month – just need to discuss the exact details with him.

              • (Sorry to appear so lazy!! I’m just unsure what the group wants, to be honest.) As mentioned in my email, I’m also happy to host small groups at my home. I live centrally.

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