AGM Report

We held our first AGM on Saturday, using a chatroom so that members from all over the country (and beyond!) could join in. For a few minutes there it looked like we wouldn’t be quorate, but a last-minute email plea netted us several more attendees. Seventeen members joined in. Items discussed included:

  • Treasurer’s report on the society’s finances;
  • President’s report on the state of the society: all the things we’ve achieved this year, and the challenges we’ve faced;
  • Election of a new committee. The exciting development here was that, as well as voting in the nominated committee of five members with designated portfolios, we also had four people volunteer from the floor to become ordinary committee members. Thus we start the second year of SpecFicNZ’s life with a committee of nine members!

The minutes of the AGM have been circulated via email to members.

A big thank you to everyone who joined in the thoughtful discussion, and especially to those who volunteered for the committee.

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