Novel Writing 101

Do you have experience writing, polishing and publishing a first novel? Have a success story to share? Something you learned along the way? Something you’re still learning?

For our upcoming revamped newsletter launch, SpecFicNZ is seeking non-fiction articles about writing and preparing a first novel.

Articles should be no longer than 1,000 words and should be appropriate to the topic “Novel Writing 101”. Articles can be reprints or drawn from a blog post, but must be original work authored by you that you currently retain rights to.

Possible topics we are interested in (but not limited to) are:

  • Differences between short story writing and novel writing/how and when to cross over.
  • Personal experience writing a first novel/landing an agent/landing a publisher/seeing a first novel go to print/promotion of a first novel etc.
  • Software tools for novel writing/querying/submitting
  • Choosing a publishing route- self-publishing/small press/large press
  • How to pitch to an agent or editor
  • Writing blurbs and synopsis for novels
  • Writing query letters
  • How and who to query
  • Personal success story about a first novel
  • Keys to editing and polishing a first novel

SpecFicNZ will pay $25NZ for one selected “feature” article, and may purchase additional articles for the newsletter or website at a similar pay rate.

To submit, e-mail your article in the body of an e-mail with the subject line: Novel Writing 101 and your last name. The e-mail should also include you personal details and contact information.

Submission period for SpecFicNZ members is March 6, 2012-March 31st, 2012. After that time, submission may be opened up to the general public depending on membership response.

We look forward to seeing your articles.

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