Scared Twitless! Voting now open

The madmen and the maniacs have come out to play, chilling the spines of the poor unfortunate souls stretched out upon the rack known as the first ever Scared Twitless Horror Contest.

We’ve had a fantastic response to the competition, and we’ve laughed and cringed and shivered as the entries have sluiced in, like blood pouring through a sacrificial font.

Now it’s your turn to decide – who is the Scariest Twit? Hang on, that might not catch on… Let me go and slaughter a few minions in the marketing department…

While I’m doing that, follow this link to read and vote for your favourite Twitter Horror Fiction! Go! Now! Before the zombies catch up with you!

Remember that the winning three entries are up for the following great prizes: Signed copies of Bloodstones, Mansfield with Monsters, and Tankbread.


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