SpecFic Spotlight: Jan Goldie

SpecFic Spotlight: Jan Goldie

Jan Goldie is the author of two YA speculative fiction books, A Mer-Tale (2014) and Brave’s Journey (to be published July 2015, IFWG Publishing).

She’s a communications and content writer by day, living in Papamoa by the sea with two children, two budgies and one ferocious little dog.
Tell us about your most recent release or current writing project.
A Mer-Tale is a story about a teenage mermaid. But before you screw up your nose and slam the door, it’s also a tale about an ancient alien race and their attempt to live beneath earth’s seas.
I wrote the novella for inclusion in the ‘Conclave’ collection of science fiction and Jan Goldie bookfantasy stories by Lee Murray, Piper Mejia and Celine Murray and myself.
Two of the stories, A Mer-Tale and Peach and Araxi, are nominated for best novella in the Sir Julius Vogel Awards this year.
I also decided to give the indie publishing route a go. My fellow writers kindly gave me permission to make A Mer-Tale into a separate book and so my huge self-publishing learning curve began! A Mer-Tale is now on Amazon, Smashwords and iBooks and I’ve held the glossy paperback in my hand! http://amzn.to/1zZ83v2

Favourite speculative movie?
Review of most recent I’ve watched: The Rover. Gritty, dirty, Australian post-apocalyptic outback road movie starring Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce in a ‘guess what’s going on’ type dust-fight where not much is said and the ending is worth it. Plus, Robert Pattinson actually acts!

I’m a sucker for anything speculative or Sci Fi. From an early fascination with Ladyhawke and Bladerunner and on TV, showing my age, Sapphire and Steel. Remember that one? Adore Firefly, Battlestar Galactica… the list is endless.

How do I go about my writing?
I write in surges, accompanied by coffee and chocolate. I have a full on life with busy kids, work and all that goes with that, so when I get a few days away I tend to hit the keyboard. I get most done when I’m on a writing retreat. There’s something about three other people tapping away on laptops in the same room that motivates the hell out of me!

Favourite speculative NZ book?
There are so many! But recently, from a selection of SpecFic for kids, I’d say Northwood by Brian Faulkner. One sentence review: Gorgeous, tip toeing adventure through the mysterious forest of Northwood with the ever resourceful Cecilia Undergarment.

What is my number one writing tip?
Battle through that first draft and finish it. If you can put your inner critic on hold for the first draft, you’re half way there.

Visit Jan’s blog at http://shellbewritemate.blogspot.co.nz/

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