The Dragon Slayer’s Daughter

by Robinne Weiss

There’s never a dull moment when you’re dealing with dragons.

Tui, Nathan, Ella and Oliver have saved Nathan’s dad. Now they need to save the dragons. Can they convince dragons and humans to work together? Not everyone is happy with their plans, and some are willing to kill to prevent them from succeeding.

Fresh from rescuing Nathan’s dad, Tui, Nathan, Ella and Oliver head out on another adventure with the dragons Foggy Bottom and Rata. This time, their goal is to convince the dragons to go public and agree to a treaty with humans. Even fireproof clothing can’t protect them when some dragons disagree with their plans.

But if they thought convincing the dragons was hard, they’re in for even more trouble convincing Parliament. They soon realise it may take years to negotiate an agreement. Unfortunately, a nosy reporter threatens all their plans when she sneaks around the Alexandra Institute and learns more than she should. Can the students protect dragons before the reporter exposes them to persecution?

Book 2 of the Dragon Defence League series takes you on another crazy adventure with New Zealand's colourful dragons. Pick up your copy and continue the fun!

Publisher: Sandfly Books

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