Is your book listed at SpecFicNZ?

Is your book listed at SpecFicNZ?

Hi friends!

We’re pleased to show you our new SpecFicNZ listings of Kiwi Speculative Fiction! Select that link at the top of our website, and you’ll see all the stories our members have added to the database. A useful resource for readers!

There’s more, though – you can browse individual categories under that menu option, for various genres and audience age ranges. Go on, try it out!

Now, some of those pages could do with more items. This is where you come in. When you’re logged into the site (be sure you are always at a secure address that starts with “https:”) you can click on +New Post at the top, and add your own books to your heart’s content.

Instructions for adding a book post are at

Please be sure to tick the categories over on the right of the posting screen: Featured Work for the overall list; your Genre for more detailed browsing; and Children’s or Young Adult if your book fits those audiences.

If you had titles already listed, please check that they are in the right genre categories.

We look forward to seeing all members’ books included in the list. And don’t forget to send readers to the link when they ask about Kiwi Speculative Fiction!

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