Between the Hammer and the Anvil

Between the Hammer and the Anvil

Great fantasy novel Between the Hammer and the Anvil by Kiwi author Mark McCabe.  This is a real page-turner!

When Sara is seized and taken from her home in the dead of night, she soon finds herself in a fight for her very survival, far from the world she knew. How can she find the courage to escape from her captors and who will she turn to for help in the strange land she finds herself in?

Sara’s fight for survival will be played out in a world where nations are sliding inexorably towards chaos, war rages across the land and the common people are desperately fighting to save what they can of their own shattered lives.

This gripping story of courage in the face of adversity sets the scene for an epic tale which will see the world Sara has found herself in taken to the brink of utter destruction. Can it pull back from the abyss that threatens to consume it or will it slide down into ruin? Can Sara survive and find her way home?

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