Teleport by Kevin Berry

In 2065, The Patrons control everything—and everyone.

Maddie McLeod is a Creative, tasked by her Patron to develop a teleportation device. With help from her brilliant daughter, Cassie, she must succeed before Cassie’s 18th birthday when Maddie’s Patron will decide on Cassie’s future—or if she even has one.

But with Cassie’s behaviour unravelling, Maddie’s experiments failing, and The Patron becoming more and more threatening, things look hopeless.
Desperation drives Maddie to make an ally of a mysterious character known as the Blacksmith, a dangerous figure from society’s downtrodden Underclass. As Maddie faces the most difficult situation of her life, the Blacksmith helps her see the world as it really is, but will Maddie also see a way to make the teleporter work?

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