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Hi, everyone. I’m Alf and I write different styles of science fiction under different author names, including my own. I’m also a counselling psychologist, here in Hamilton, so my work tends to revolve around the impact of technology and social structure and change on the human individual, as well as often being rather provocative (challenging to some traditional values and rigid standpoints of some brands of political correctness or gender politics). It’s also an escape from my professional work.

Self-publishing suits me for now. I’ve found the online peer review website, YouWriteOn, very useful (if not consistently so) in brushing up on writing projects. I’m excited to have found this website to be able to network with other New Zealand Writers and readers of science fiction and fantasy. I’m not a fan of many stories that rely on magical events or powers. I’m an atheist, interested in science and technology,  convinced of mental powers such as esp and predictive dreams, but not into gods or mythical beings with magical powers. (However, I do like the sexy and elegant bronze fairies at the bottom of my garden.)

All of my stories on YouWriteOn have made book of the month. One, Innocents under the author name Sarah Fayermann, made Book of the Year in 2014. It’s a provocative story about the coming of age of a generation on an isolated world. Other published titles by me are Postcards by George Adams – a light sort of male perspective chicklit/science fiction cross, set in Hamilton and Whaingaroa/Karioi. Under the name Farrold Saxon, I’ve published Where-Stand All: Episodes in the Foundation of Hodrin Civilization – which is a folk history of an alien species I consider to be my founding opus. These are all available on Amazon Kindle as ebooks. I’m working on a story for 12 – 16 year olds at present.

Another of my creations – You can consult the Pleiadean Space Runes for free on the Pleiadean Space Runes website (Makes an alternative to Nordic runes. Have fun!)

Sarah Fayermann and Farrold Saxon have their own pages on Facebook. Sarah’s is pretty active. Both are open to posting reviews and promos of other authors who write stuff likely to appeal to similar readerships.

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