Mary Brock Jones


Mary Brock Jones is a writer of both Science fiction and NZ Historical novels, as well as SF short stories. She has two indie-published SF series out, available in both e-book and print.

The HATHE trilogy, now complete. Five long years ago, the Terrans invaded Hathe and life on a once peaceful and wealthy world changed forever. 

Resistance: Hathe Book One
Pay the Piper: Hathe Book Two
Aftermath: Hathe Book Three
Toil and Strife – a box-set version of Hathe books one and two.

The ARCADIA series: A planet facing an environmental crisis and two families caught in the middle. 

Torn  : Eons ago, ecological engineers like Caleb and Fee designed their world. But even the best designs wear out eventually.

Taken:  Fix  your planet before we have to, warns the Alliance  – and then we’ll take it from you. 

Exiled:  Sentenced to exile by his home world, he’s hungry for revenge. Only he isn’t innocent and Alliance space is no safe haven.

She has also been published in  Semaphore Anthology 2010, Regeneration: NZ Speculative Fiction II,  Aquasynthesis Again

Her historical romance novels, A Heart Divided  and Swift Runs the Heart  are set in the gold rush days of old Otago and are published by Escape Publishing.

She has won an SFR Galaxy Award for Aftermath, and her books have made the final list for the RWNZ Clendon awards, the RWNZ Koru awards for Swift Runs the Heart, and the 2016 RWAus RUBY awards for Pay the Piper.

Apart from that, she lives in the tangled worlds growing in her head. She was a government veterinarian but has now retired to supposedly concentrate on writing, and spends her day finding ways not to write, as well as  feed and pat the cat,  say hello to her long suffering loved ones and play with her growing tribe of grandchildren.


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