Victoria Dreyer


V. L. Dreyer (preferred name Vic) was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. She grew up in a home that valued literacy above all else, and she learned her love of books during childhood.


At the age of 14, she penned her first novel in the form of the original draft of the yet-to-be-published “The Gyrath’s Gate Chronicles”, which is in the process of being adapted to graphic novel format. Since then, she has written and illustrated five graphic novels, dozens of short stories, and goodness knows how many discarded manuscripts.


Shortly after high school, she co-founded the graphic novel publisher Blue Scar Productions with the aid of Alexandra “Blue” Saunders. Between the two of them, they recruited sixteen volunteers united by their love of comic books. Although Blue Scar Productions ceased to operate as a commercial entity in November 2011, Ms Dreyer has since gone on to pen numerous novels under her own name, and her pen name Abigail Hawk. Her preferred genres are science fiction, post-apocalyptic survival and romance – and sometimes all three at once.


On Sale Now:

The Survivors Book I: Summer (2013)
The Survivors Book II: Autumn (2014)
The Survivors Book III: Winter (2014)
The Survivors Book IV: Spring (2015)
The Immortality Clause (The Immortelle, Claudia Bell #1) (2014)


Coming Soon:

At First Blush (The Immortelle, Dawn Fitzpatrick #1) (2015)
Love Thy Enemy (The Immortelle, Anya Karekanova #1) (2015)
Beneath The Dragon Sun (The Immortelle, Anya Karekanova #2) (2015/16)
The Traitor’s Web (The Immortelle, Anya Karekanova #3) (2015/16)
The Age of Steam (The Immortelle, Sam Thorne #1) (2015/16)


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