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For Writers-

Paper Road Press accepts unsolicited manuscripts. They are currently seeking fiction of 20,000-50,000 words for their Novellas list, and 10,000-20,000 words for their Shortcuts list.

Paper Road Press specialises in speculative fiction: science fiction and fantasy in all its forms. They are particularly interested in seeing work with a strong New Zealand voice, but are happy to consider work by international authors.

For Artists-

Paper Road Press commissions and licenses artwork for book covers and interior illustrations.

For full submission guidelines check out their website.


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3 Thoughts to “Paper Road Press open to submissions”

  1. michael lee

    hi, are you interested in a short story (fiction) collection, about 30000 words.
    Michael Lee

  2. You’ll need to get in touch with Paper Road Press. Their website is

  3. Hi Michael, thanks for your query. We are not specifically looking for short story collections right now, but if you have any longer work you’d like to send us, please go ahead!

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