Shades of Sentience

Fantasy and horror, science fiction and magic realism: these terms provide only the barest glimpse of what you’ll find within these pages. Enter dreamscapes and nightmares; fall with souls rocketing into oblivion and fly with others who’ve discovered how to glide on broken wings. Walk within the minds of angels and demons, monsters and humans, not a sparkle among them, and try to choose your side. Nothing in this book is black and white – good or evil. We all see the world through different eyes, and each story gives you a different perspective. Will any of them change yours? This book is a collection of new short stories by award winning authors from Australia and around the world. From the Shades of Sentience Short Story Competition, to the international Aeon Award, these writers have won competitions and been published in an array of prestigious speculative fiction journals.

Shades of Sentience anthology is available from and contains stories by SpecFicNZ members Matt Cowens (Murray the Sex Machine) and Debbie Cowens (A Final Glimpse of Light and Dark), both with SF elements.

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